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Hints for installing the Space powertoys

In his online colum for August 25, webDotWiz went through the steps to insall the Space powertoys.
Here’s how in short form:
  1. Hint: After signing in and your Space loads, press Home to reload your Space so that your site address in the Address Box finishes with ….c=
  2. Custom HTML powertoy: copy and paste &powertoy=sandbox
  3. TweakUI powertoy: copy and paste &powertoy=tweakomatic
  4. Windows Media Player powertoy: copy and paste &powertoy=musicvideo
  5. Click on Customize and then click Modules. You’ll see the powertoy listed – click it to Add. Remember to click Save.
  6. When you’re returned to your home page (in edit mode, naturally), you’ll see a new module for the appropriate powertoy.

When using the TweakUI tool you’ll need to enter your colours in HEX (uh? – simple really – HEX is shorthand for hexadecimal, i.e. base 16 number system) and the easy way to find out the HEX code for each colour is to look at http://www.mundidesign.com/webct/

MSN Alerts Powertoy

I added the MSN Alerts powertoy today.
This is another Spaces powertoy and now there are four in total.
Before you can use the MSN Alerts powertoy, you need to add the Custom HTML powertoy to your Space:
  1. Sign in and load up your space.
  2. Add &powertoy=sandbox to the end of your site address in the Address Box (if your site address doesn’t end with a c=, click Home)
  3. Click Go to reload your site.
  4. Click Customize and from the Modules drop-down list, click Custom HTML… to add the tool. Click Save.
  5. You’ll now have a Custom HTML module on your page.

Now you need to sign up for MSN Alerts at http://signup.alerts.msn.com/brochure/index.html and you’ll receive an email to Accept, etc.

Once you’ve accepted, you’ll receive a second email that wll provide the HTML code that you need to post into the Custom HTML module.

This HTML code contains a link the MSN Alerts service and a button for your visitors to use to sign up to receive alerts when your Space is updated.

Click the Power Toys category at The Space Craft to read full instructions for all the Spaces toys, including the MSN Alerts.

Windows Media Player powertoy

I’ve added the WMP powertoy to put up a Photo Story movie I made a couple of Christmases ago.
If you haven’t downloaded Windows Photo Story to put together a Windows Media Video of a selection of your photos, you’re missing out on a lot of fun! Photo Story is a great stimulus to make the best use of all those photos (and scans of old photos, as I’ve done with the ones you can view now). You can use up to 300 photos in a single story, add narration, titles, transitions and background music.
You can download Photo Story from Microsoft’s Photo Story 3 site.