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Windows Live web services hints and tips

This tutorial is cross-posted from webDotWiz Online’s column of Thursday, 8 July 2010.

What’s in the Live web services
The Live web service that most would be familiar with is Hotmail, the web email service that’s been part of Microsoft since the late 1990’s.
In the past few years, Microsoft have added more online web services, the main ones being: Live Skydrive (free online storage of 25Gb, i.e., 25,000 megabytes), Live Photos (online storage for photos and videos), Office Live (online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, along with online storage space), Live Profile (to enable us to set permission levels as to who and what others can view about us and what we store online), Live Home page (giving us a summary of our Hotmail email and news about what our family and friends are doing, such as uploading a new photo album, through Messenger social) and Live Spaces (a free, personal website which gives a convenient means to point family and friends to so they can view our online photos).
The new header on each Live web page

Edit Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and Word docs using Office Web Apps from within Hotmail

Each Live web service has a header that’s been updated in the latest version of Live web services. Each item on the header has a submenu that you obtain by simply hovering over with the mouse. In the screenshot above, the mouse is hovered over the Office item to give several options.

You need to spend a little bit of time to become familiar with these items so you know how to easily move between services.

For example, to get to your Live Profile page (profile.live.com) so you can check and, if need be, change some permission settings, you need to hover over the Messenger item (think social connections because your profile permissions are all about setting levels of privacy as to who you’ll allow to view your online photos and documents, for example).

If you want to go to your Live Space website, you’ll need to go to your Profile page because your Space is something you own, just as you own your personal details.

Live Photos

There’s a little trick in uploading your photos from your computer to an album on your Live Photos. The new uploader begins working as soon as you drop your photos onto the upload area so, before you drag and drop a group of photos from Live Photo Gallery, make sure you’ve chosen Original as being the size of the photos you want to store online.

Messenger social

On your Live Home page (home.live.com) you can see what your family and friends have been saying and doing. You get to your Live Home page by clicking the choice under the Windows Live item on the header.

If you want to make life easier and you have a Facebook account, you can bring in your friends’ Facebook activities (as well as many others). Note that your Messenger social listings give you two-way communication so you can add your comments to one of your Facebook friends and it will be posted to their Facebook wall – no more need to jump over to everybody’s Facebook page to leave a comment.

As well, Messenger social lets you know who’s added new photos (again, you can leave comments), including any emails you’ve received with photos attached. In Live Photos you’ll also see when your friends have uploaded new photos or videos.

Office Live

If you’re going to share any of your online documents then you need to create new folders outside of the My Documents folder – keep My Documents for your private documents. You can get to your Office online documents at office.live.com.

Web Messenger

The Web Messenger features tabbed conversations

Another way in which the new Live version makes life easier is to enable you to chat to family and friends from any Live web service page. IMs will come to both desktop Messenger and Web Messenger but now you don’t have to take your eyes off the work you’re doing on one of your Live pages (e.g., you might be adding captions to a group of photos).


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Posted using the trial version of Windows Live Writer 2011.

Live Essentials (beta)–Getting around the ribbon with the ALT key and keytips

The Windows Live Essentials programs using the Ribbon menu derived from Office 2007 have similar features to the Office 2007 ribbon. One of these is the use of the ALT key to bring up KeyTips so you can access the menu item of your choice by simply clicking on the appropriate letter.

Here’s the feature shown in Word 2007:


webDotWiz came across this feature just the other day when reading the Crabby Office Lady’s blog Crabby’s Word shortcut: Access keys and KeyTips. Just goes to show how much webDotWiz doesn’t use Word 2007 Smile.

Live Writer

webDotWiz is of course writing up this post in the beta version of the Live Writer 2011 (which he uses lots more than Word Smile) and here’s what he sees after he presses the ALT key:


Now he presses H on the keyboard to access the Home tab:


Let’s say webDotWiz now wants to insert a picture so he needs to bring up the Picture sub-menu which has E as its access key so a press of E on keyboard shows the following:


In turn, each item on the Picture sub-menu has its own access key to get to the desired choice to insert a picture into Live Writer.

Live Movie Maker

Here’s an example of using the ALT key in Live Movie Maker:


You turn off the keytips by pressing the ALT key again.

If you’re on the Project menu tab, say, press ALT again and you can return to the Home tab by pressing H.

Live Photo Gallery

There are many, many options on Live Photo Gallery’s Ribbon since there are so many things we want to do with our photos.

Here’s what Live Photo Gallery looks like on the first press of the ALT key to give quick access to each tab on the ribbon (e.g. H for the Home tab, E for the Edit tab):


Pressing E on the keyboard, for example, brings up the choices for editing:


Live Mail

The new Live Mail uses the Ribbon menu idea and naturally KeyTips pop up when you press the ALT key to give easy access to each menu item:


To get to what’s shown above, webDotWiz pressed ALT to bring up the keytips on each tab. The View tab is accessed by pressing V on the keyboard to give the keytips for all the items on the View tab.


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Posted using the beta version of Windows Live Writer 2011.

Windows Live Essentials beta version–Installing and features tried thus far

On Friday, 25 June webDotWiz awoke to the news that the beta (techgeek for trial) version of the new Wave 4 (the current, “old” version was known as Wave 3) Windows Live Essentials suite had been made available for download and installing. So away he went on his home Win 7 machine to get it installed and have a look. Fortunately the night before, Bigpond, his wireless broadband provider, had returned his speed to normal after his 10Gb quota for the month had been exceeded on the previous weekend and webDotWiz had been having a few very frustrating days at a (theoretical) 64kb/sec online speed (more like 6kb/sec, just like in the old dialup days, in practice, and the only thing happening quickly was webDotWiz’s level of frustration. It is the 21 century, isn’t it? Yes, webDotWiz apparently made a quick check of the calendar just in case. Ed.).

In short time, the Live Essentials beta was installed and the new Messenger window was the first item to appear.

Only install if you can cope with a glitch here and there

Now, the only people who should install this beta version are those who are prepared to come across a few glitches here and there. So if you’re not the type who can put up with some things not appearing to work as you’d expect, wait until August when the full, final version of Live Essentials is available for everybody (and any glitches will have been fixed). webDotWiz has only had a couple of glitches with Live Messenger not being able to sign in for a few hours and it didn’t want to start after being closed down. A computer restart sorted the latter out, though.

Uninstall Live Mesh

If you’ve been using Live Mesh, the Live Essentials beta installer will inform you that you have to uninstall it before going any further. This is because Live Mesh has been superceded by the new Live Sync application.

This came up on a Vista machine at work at RCH.

You have to uninstall Live Mesh from each account you may have installed it on a particular PC and it will take some time for the Live Mesh uninstaller to remove settings from all the folders you associated with Live Mesh.

Just watch out for one of the dialogues that hides behind the uninstalling dialogue box; it’s the dialogue that informs you that you’ll see the task bar and desktop icons disappear for a bit – it only needs a click on Ok but you can be sitting there wondering why the un-installation hasn’t finished if you don’t notice that dialogue box behind the uninstall progress dialogue.

The install dialogues

If you want to watch the install dialogue, you’ll notice that it informs you of what’s it’s installing and downloading.

The last dialogue informs you that a restart is required.

Setting up Live Messenger & privacy settings

Once you restart, the sign-in dialogue for Live Messenger appears. Unlike the old Messenger, it appears that there’s now a separate dialogue box for signing in to Messenger. So do that and you’re asked if you want to add other social network services. You can skip this step for the time being and do it later if you want.








Remember the new Wave 4 Live Messenger has two modes: the first is similar to the old Messenger we’ve grown accustomed to, namely, just a list of our contacts where we can see who’s online and we can start a conversation with. The second mode is a view of all that our contacts and friends have done (i.e., they’ve upload a new photo album, written a new entry on their Live Space, posted a few photos in an email, and so on). In this second mode we’re able to add our Facebook friends, for example, so that all our social contacts are in one place and we can see what they’ve been doing and can comment on their activities, that is, it’s a two-way process to save you having to go to your Facebook site to comment. We’ve already seen this in the Wave 4 version of the our Windows Live web services home page where it’s now called Messenger social (it replaces the former What’s new).

Next you need to check your privacy settings – either keep your current settings (it’ll be ticked for you) or choose one of the new settings (Public, Limited or Private). If My current settings is ticked, well keep that for the time being – there’s plenty of time to later fine tune your privacy settings and permissions from your profile page on Live web services. Otherwise choose Limited which will suit most people in all situations and you can fine tune later.







Welcome to the new Messenger

A big page then loads that looks like an information page but the two options that are mentioned can be clicked on (no, not at the same time, Ed.).

Click on Social highlights to bring up Messenger where you can view what your family and friends have been doing.

To return Messenger back to the traditional contact list view, click the little icon at the top right of Messenger’s screen. You can flip between the two views at your whim.

Interestingly, once you’ve moved Messenger to where you want it on the screen, it will remember this the next time you start your computer as well as remembering the mode you were last in.

webDotWiz has found it convenient to start the day with Messenger in social view to catch up on what everybody’s been doing and then switch to contact view for most of the day with the occasion switch to Messenger social during the day.

Now webDotWiz can hear you say, “But Messenger social is on my Live home page. Why have it in two places?” Well, there are those people with tons of time on their hands and they spend most of their day chatting to friends with Live Messenger so it’s convenient for them to look up news of their friends while in Messenger. Others have lots of work to do such as replying to email, uploading photos to their Live Photos albums or writing Word or Excel documents in Office Live, and may want to only occasionally check for any news of family and friends so in this case they can use their home page in Live web services.

Live Photo Gallery

webDotWiz has tried out Photo Fuse which makes a “fake” photo from a number of photos, especially those photos with a group of people when you can never quite get all those in the group to be looking at the camera at the critical moment. As long as you’ve taken a few photos of the group (those with good cameras can do this easily), you’re able to get the best photo in a few minutes.

When you start the Wave 4 Live Photo Gallery, look down at the bottom left corner and you’ll see it’s going through your photos to detect people’s faces. Now you can choose just one person, put a name to that person and that person will be tagged with their name throughout all your photos.

Live Mail

When started, it picked up all webDotWiz’s settings (i.e., email accounts) from the old version. Live Mail now uses the ribbon to make life easier, that is, it just takes one click to accomplish a task rather than several when hunting through menus to find the appropriate function

Live Writer

This post has been written up in the Wave 4 Live Writer which also has the ribbon to make life easier.

Live Movie Maker

webDotWiz is looking forward to trying out the new Live Movie Maker which has tons more themes. As well, if you’ve put captions on your photos in Live Photo Gallery, they’ll be carried over to the movie you make from them.

Live Sync

webDotWiz used Live Mesh to sync files and folders between his computers at home and work but the way his ISP counts uploads and downloads had to give up after a time. He’ll looking at using a small folder of files that he may want to sync between home and work for convenience. In some ways Office Web Apps can be used to enable files to be accessed whether at home, work or another place with internet access.



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New Windows Live web services – webDotWiz is looking forward to…


From previews and reviews by those trialling the new version – nicknamed Wave 4 – of the Windows Live internet web services, webDotWiz is looking forward to the following new features and functionality in the different services.

The Windows Live internet web services consist of:

These services are given the distinct title of Windows Live Internet Web Services since they are online services in contrast to the desktop applications that make up the Windows Live Essentials (Live Messenger, Live Mail, Live Movie Maker, Live Photo Gallery, Live Sync, Live Writer).



Messenger social is the new name for the former What’s new. In Live Messenger, we’ll have the same view of what’s happening with our Windows Live contacts and friends on other social networks.

In What’s new we were able to see when our Windows Live family and friends had posted a new entry to their Live Space or uploaded new photos to one of their Live Photos album. Now we’re able to join our other social networks to Messenger social and see our friends’ posting to our Facebook page, for example; better, we’ll be able to add a comment while in Messenger social and that comment will be posted back to our Facebook page.

For those times you want to get lots of emailing done, there’s the Web Messenger for chatting to family and friends without leaving Hotmail. The Web Messenger can be moved around the page, follows you from one Windows Live page to another (e.g., from Hotmail to Live Photos) and has tabbed conversations.

Sweep enables us to clean up our inbox in a few clicks. For example, click one of many emails from a particular address and move all the emails from that contact to a folder you’ve set up. As well, you can use Sweep to delete a whole list of posts from a particular addie.

Active View – we’ll be able to view photos (as slide shows) and videos within Hotmail itself – this will cut down on being taken out of Hotmail to view photos and videos.

Attachments – up to 10Gb!!!! (made up of a maximum of 200 photos, say, each of 50Mb maximum). Photos will be uploaded to a folder on your Live Skydrive and an email posted to the receiver who can then download the photos (similar to what the webDotWizards have been currently doing by using the Send a link from one of their albums on Live Photos).

Office documents (Word and Excel) can be viewed and edited in Hotmail, too, using the Office Web Apps.

Live Home page


Messenger social replaces the What’s new function and allows you to bring in your other social networks, e.g. Facebook, to save you chasing down everybody’s different sites.





Live Profile


Here’s where you set up you information and, more importantly, set your permissions and levels of privacy. For the first time user, setting permissions has been simplified.

You can now see what your Windows Live family and friends are seeing from their end so you can adjust your permissions if need be.






Live Photos


The upload tool is greatly improved in that several photos upload at once so it’s a lot faster than the old version.

The slideshow viewer works in full screen.





Live Skydrive

We still only have 25 Gb (that’s 25 000 megabytes) of free space 🙂

Skydrive is used for storage of our Office Web App documents as well as our photos and videos.

Office Web Apps


On the new header of each Windows Live web service page you’ll see Office as an item from which you can create a new document or view and edit stored documents.

We can create Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote files. All the basic functions for Word and Excel are available from the ribbon.




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Posted using the 2009 version of Windows Live Writer.

A day in the life of Windows Live – webDotWiz Online column Oct 22, 2009


Live Photo Gallery

So your young ‘uns have made you set up a Facebook account but you don’t really feel like adding much to your Facebook pages when you’ve already got lots of services in Windows Live. You’ve just uploaded some photos to an album on Live Photos to share with your family and friends in your Live network. As well you’ve sent off a link to your album to other family and friends not in your Live network.

But there are those family and friends breathlessly waiting for you to add some content to your Facebook page. Well, these people can be easily satisifed – all you need do is install the LiveUpLoad to Facebook addon (see the link in this week’s Quicklinks) for Live Photo Gallery and Live Movie Maker and with a click you can upload photos from Live Photo Gallery to your Facebook page. Now everybody’s happy.

Just an aside for those of you Windows Live people who also have a Facebook page. Check with webDotWiz how you can turn off email notifications when your Facebook friends put something on their page.

Live Writer trick

Once you’ve created a few movies in Live Movie Maker you’ll want to share them by putting them into entries on your Live Space. You’ll need an account at YouTube (it’s free) and you can upload a movie directly from Live Movie Maker.

At YouTube choose the movie you want to include in your Live Space. On the YouTube page there’s a Share option with a link to your movie – copy this link and when you paste it into Live Writer – whoosh, your movie is automatically embedded in your post. Now all you have to do is click Publish.

Live Messenger

At the top of your Messenger window there’s space for you to enter a short message that all of your people in your Live network will receive on their Live What’s New page. It’s a good way to let people know, for example, that you’ve added some new photos to your Live Photos page.

Remember that hovering your mouse over your display picture gives you some quick links, such as to your Live Space. Hovering your mouse over one of your contacts also gives you quick options such as sending a message. With the latest version of Live Messenger, the person you want to IM doesn’t even have to be online at the time you send your message – they’ll get it next time they sign in.

You can add people from other services (for example, Facebook) to your Live Messenger contacts list so it’s easy to keep up to date in just one place with what your friends are doing.

Live Movie Maker

We all know by now that Live Movie Maker’s AutoMovie feature is a real timesaver. As well, Live Movie Maker’s range of options for the type of movie you want to output is extremely useful – standard definition, 720p or 1080p high definition.

Movie Maker accepts a range of movie filetypes including MOV files. So if you want to burn a MOV movie onto DVD, load it into Movie Maker, choose your output type and let Windows DVD Maker to all the work for you.

Live Hotmail

For those readers who have taken one of Terry’s beginner’s classes at Rushworth Community House will know that he stresses the use of shortcut keys to make computer use more efficient. Well, there are a whole set of shortcut keys for Live Hotmail such as CTRL+N to create a new message and CTRL+Enter to send a message – check them out on Hotmail’s help or hover your mouse over the relevant button. If you’re more familiar with keyboard shortcut keys in other web email services you can use them as an alternative (see Options).

Hotmail now has a web version of Messenger. You won’t need this when you’re on your own computer with Live Messenger running but it’s handy when you’re on another computer to be able to keep in touch with your Live contacts.

Remember that you can jazz up the colour of your inbox – click Options to choose Themes or More themes for dynamic ones that change according to the time of day (or to suit your mood).

You can bring all your email accounts into Hotmail so they’re all in one place to make life easier. Hotmail help tells you how to do this with your Gmail and Yahoo email accounts, for example.

Live Mail

The best part of Live Mail is being able to add as many email accounts as you wish so you access to your email in one place. Live Mail makes the task of adding other email accounts as simple as it can possibly be – in most cases all your need do is enter your email address and password for the account.

Let Windows Live bring the information to you and your friends

Windows Live has lots of easy-to-use ways for you to share information with your family and friends. Just as importantly, you can keep up to date with what people in your Live network are doing. When you’ve signed in to Live Messenger to being your computing day, click on Messenger’s What’s new link to start your day in the life of Windows Live.



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Posted using the 2009 version of Windows Live Writer.

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Panoramas created by the webDotWizards on DeepZoomPix

Here are links to various panoramas created by the webDotWizards using Windows Live Photo Gallery and uploaded to DeepZoompix for all to view in awe:

GenieChene (http://cheniechene.spaces.live.com):

JbMurch (http://jbmurch.spaces.live.com):

PoppyIronBark (http://poppyironbark.spaces.live.com):

Youniversity (http://youniversity.spaces.live.com):

Apparently there are more to be uploaded to DeepZoomPix – links will be posted as soon as webDotWiz catches up with what the webDotWizards are up to next!!


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Posted using the 2009 version of Windows Live Writer.

Count the blue cars in this panorama

A panorama created by one of the webDotWizards using Live Photo Gallery.

Did you know – choose photo size when uploading photos to photo album or Skydrive

There are a couple of different scenarios where you’ll come across the option to choose the size of your photos that you’re uploading:

  • publish to an online album from Live Photo Gallery, and
  • upload to a folder on your Live Skydrive

(1) Publish to an album from Live Photo Gallery

The latest trial release (Dec 2008) of Windows Live Photo Gallery now incorporates an option to choose the size of your photos that you’re publishing from Windows Live Photo Gallery to an album in your Live Photos.

upload_photos_size_01 So in Live Photo Gallery, choose the photos you want to publish to an album and click Publish on the top menu.





upload_photos_size_02 Wait a few moments for the Select an album window to give you an entry for your new album and a list of your current albums. Notice at the top right that the Upload size is automatically set at Large (1600 px). This used to be the size we could choose in the old version of Live Photo Gallery if we wanted to print the photos (we had to tick a box). The 1600 pixel size means your photos will be reduced to a maximum width and/or height of 1600 pixels. If you’re not sure what size your photos are, use the Info button on the top menu in Live Photo Gallery.


upload_photos_size_03 Click the arrow alongside the Upload size button to see your choices: Original (size), Large (1600 px) and Medium (600 px). The Medium photo size used to be the automatic choice before the Decemeber Live update and it’s ok but if you want to show your family and friends the best possible version of your photographic expertise then it’s not quite good enough.

To help decide which photo size option to use consider your viewers’ type of internet connection – Original or Large will be ok for those on broadband but certainly not for those on dialup. A second point to consider is that by uploading photos to an album you’re backing up your photos at the same time so you might want to upload using the Original size option.

(2) Upload photos to your Skydrive online storage

With the December updated to Windows Live Internet Services we now have 25Gb (that’s 25,000 megabytes) of free online storage for documents and photos. We can use it to backup files, have them available to us as we move from work to home and vice versa, and, as well, make documents and photos available to others for download if we so wish.

To get to your Skydrive folders, choose the More link at the top of any of your Live Services pages (e.g., your home or profile page, or Hotmail) and choose Skydrive from the list. You’ll see something like the following:


Note the tie-up between your Live Photos and Skydrive (e.g., the Sandringham triathlon folder was created and photos uploaded in part 1 above in this write-up). We could create a new folder and upload our content straightway from the page above or we could view All folders – let’s see what that looks like:


Skydrive folders are organised like they are on Windows XP (the Pictures folder is to the far right and out of shot). We all have to Favorites folders – a personal one and the other is our Shared Favorites folder to share sites with those we choose. See an earlier post Did you know – share your favorite websites on Live Skydrive for a tutorial on adding your favorite sites to your Shared Favorites folder.

Our goal in Skydrive in this case is to backup those Sandringham photos in their original size – this is a slightly different purpose we had in part 1 where we wanted to put a photo album online for others to view.

So we’re going to open our Pictures folder, create a new folder and upload the photos in their original size. Later on if one of our family or friends on our network want to download them, we’ll change permission on the folder so they can do just that.


So choose Create folder, give it a name when the new page opens and click the Create folder button. On the next page that opens click Add files or Why not add some files? Now we’re in familiar territory with the upload tool prompting us to Drop files here and then we can start the upload.


Arrange Live Photo Gallery on your screen so you can see a bit of the Drop files here box and drag ‘n’ drop the photos.


As soon as the photos land in the upload tool’s box, guess what you’ll see at the top right corner…


Now in this scenario webDotWiz wants to upload these photos as a backup so his aim is to preserve his photos in their original size in case of some disaster on his computer in the future so he chooses Original from the dropdown list.


Then it’s just a matter of clicking on the Upload button at the bottom left of the screen and go make a coffee and he can rest assured he’s backed up these photos as a safeguard. As well there’s the option later on to come back to this folder of photos and edit the permissions to allow others to download them to their own computer.

As a finishing note, the above photos make up about 50 Mb to be uploaded. There are a number of internet service providers who include upload amounts in their monthly cap so be careful of not exceeding your monthly cap even though you’re doing the right thing by backing up your important files.


Posted using the 2009 Release Candidate of Windows Live Writer.

Did you know – share your favorite websites on Live Skydrive

Being able to take your favorite websites with you wherever you went with Internet access was a Windows Live feature introduced a couple of years ago but it was a cumbersome process to add sites to your list involving copying and pasting basically.

Now it’s much easier with the Windows Live Dec refresh as long as you chose to install the updated Windows Live Toolbar along with the other Windows Live Essential programs from download.live.com. If you didn’t choose to install the Live Toolbar, now is a good time to go back to download.live.com and do it.

If you navigate your way to your Live Skydrive page, you’ll see your Documents and Photos folders as well as a Favorites folder and a Shared Favorites folder.

Click More and choose Skydrive

Remember that in the new Windows Live you can navigate from any page to another page – the same links – Home, Profile, People, Mail, Photos and More – appear at the top of each page. So when webDotWiz clicked Skydrive, he got:


Because webDotWiz had earlier added a couple of sites to his Shared Favorites folder, it was in his Recent Folders list. We want to see all our Skydrive folders so click View all. Then we see:

Shared favorites folder in Skydrive

This is what webDotWiz’s Shared favorites folder contains at the moment (more will be added as time flies by):

List of sites in Shared Favorites

You can see from the above screenshot that you can add a favorite website to your list from the page above but that means you have to do some copying and pasting. The easy way is to use the Share button on the Windows Live Toolbar.

Go to a website you want to add to your Shared Favorites. Check you’re signed in with your Windows Live ID (far right of the toolbar) and click Share which will bring up a dialogue box where all you need enter (if you want) is a description of the site. Click Share to save the site to your Shared Favorites list.

Share button on Live Toolbar

Let’s refresh my Skydrive page and see what’s there now in my list of Shared Favorites:


Yep, there it is, the link to Small Basic at www.smallbasic.com (the page redirects to a page at MSDN so that’s why you don’t see smallbasic.com under the Web address heading).

That’s how easy it is to add sites to your Shared Favorites folder on your Skydrive page. Now no matter where you are on the web you have access to your favorite sites. As well it’s an easy way to share your favorite sites with your Windows Live network.


Posted using the 2009 Release Candidate version of Windows Live Writer.

Windows Live Essentials update Dec 15/16 2008 – some screenshots to get you started

It’s Dec 16 here DownUnder but it may be still Dec 15 for you. The important point is that the Windows Live Essentials beta (trial) programs – Live Mail, Live Messenger, Live Photo Gallery, Live Movie Maker (Vista only), Live Toolbar, Live Writer and Live Family Safety – have been refreshed and you can download them (or just those you want) from download.live.com.

A new item in the Insert menu in Live Writer is Photo Album so let’s try that by inserting all the screenshots taken thus far:

The installation informs you it’s checking for programs that need to be closed before the Live Essentials can get to work properly and will close them itself (if you leave the default as set on the dialogue that comes up).

You’ll be informed what Live Essential programs you already have installed and others you can download and install if you want.

Once you’ve made your choices, the installer gets to work – it’ll take a while so it’s coffee break time!

When the installation finishes, you may have to restart your computer (you’ll be informed if a restart is necessary).

webDotWiz noted that on his Start Menu the Live Essentials under Windows Live don’t have the Beta suffix (except for Live Movie Maker).

When can we expect the final release of the Windows Live Essentials? Early next year apparently.

Hopefully you get the Live Essential updates installed without prob – webDotWiz is on his sixth or seventh here are the Rushworth Community House and all has gone ok thus far.

After more exploration, webDotWiz will post more experiences (and screenshots).


Posted using the Dec 15/16 2008 refresh of Windows Live Writer.