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Talking about Translating using Windows Live Messenger

After adding the translator bot, mtbot@hotmail.com, to your Messenger contacts list, you can translate between many different languages or chat with your friends using live translation. Follow the link below to see how: 


Translating using Windows Live Messenger


Windows Live Messenger add-ons – visit the Live Gallery

Via Bink and The Gallery King:

You now can easily get all the emoticons, display pictures, winks, backgrounds, activities and agents you want from the Live Messenger section of Windows Live Gallery at http://gallery.live.com/messenger.


Agents? Yes, help is at hand. Need a secretary? Get your own personal secretary to help you organise, do some calculations, keep notes, send emails and do translations.

Windows Live Messenger 8.5 trial version – not yet ready for Australia

A trial version, version 8.5, of Live Messenger is now available for download – but not yet for Australia.

For some screenshots of what’s in store, see Inside Live Messenger, the Messenger team’s blog space.

A couple of things to note:

Keep an eye on your feed from webDotWiz to find out when the Aussie version of Live Messenger 8.5 becomes available.

Emoticons list for Live Messenger

Via Inside Windows Live Messenger.

Here’s a handy list of emoticons and the shortcut keystrokes for Live Messenger.

Right-click the pic above and use "Save As…" to save it then print it for handy reference. The size is about 390 x 940 pixels. If you don’t get a nice, clear pic from the one above, try the original at Inside Windows Live Messenger.

Messenger how-to’s and free stuff

The Live Messenger team have posted Messenger Tips & free stuff! which you can find at the new Windows Live Messenger site (http://imagine-windowslive.com/Messenger/Post/).

The site is taken up with illustrated step-by-step instructions on the basics of using Live Messenger through to the more fun stuff such as sharing activities or playing games and using Messenger to make PC-to-PC calls.

As well, a reminder there are plenty of backgrounds and display pictures for free at Messenger Vibe (tip: refresh the page to view more free backgrounds and display pics).

I’m making a difference project with Live Messenger

From the I’m Home site:

i’m is a new initiative from Windows Live™ Messenger. Every time you start a conversation using i’m, Microsoft shares a portion of the program’s advertising revenue with some of the world’s most effective organizations dedicated to social causes. We’ve set no cap on the amount we’ll donate to each organization. The sky’s the limit.

Even though Mess users outside the U.S. can’t contribute to the organisations when starting a conversation, you can still raise awareness by addding the special emoticon to your display name so your U.S. friends become aware of the project.

You can choose from the following – simply add the code (e.g., *9mil) to your display name:

(this list is an excerpt from the Live Messenger team Space where you can read more about i’m).

As well as the special Mess emoticon, you can add an i’m banner of your choice to your own web site – go to here to see what’s available and get the one that best fits on your site.

Messenger 8.1 ready

Yesterday (Australian time) Live Messenger 8.1 became available for download.

The latest version has lots of new and improved features, including:

  • roaming identity (your display picture now goes with you whenever you move from one computer to another)
  • a better contact card
  • SMS phone book (click the mobile phone icon on the main screen)
  • send a text message to a friend’s mobile (if they’ve registered their mobile phone with the Live Messaging system – they’ll have a little mobile icon alongside; just right-click on their nickname in your contact list)
  • im and talk with your Yahoo! friends
  • 2 free VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone calls to anywhere in the world (except from Australia at present – we’ll have to wait and see if this service becomes available to Aussie Live Messers).
  • personal contact invitations when you add a new contact to your friend’s list so they know who’s inviting them.

Check out some screenshots and full description of the new and improved features at Inside Live Messenger (plenty of screenshots), Liveside (more screenshots; note the one which shows the phone icon on the main Messenger pane – scroll down until you see Update) and the Live Messenger features page.

Go get Windows Live Messenger 8.1 – and we in Australia will patiently wait to see if we get the VOIP service – from get.live.com/messenger/overview.

Windows Live Messenger 8.1 available on Jan 25?

Rumour has it that the update to version 8.1 of Live Messenger will be available for download on January 25 (which probably means Fri for Aussies).
PC-to-phone calls will be enabled in this version for most countries and there’ll be two free phone calls to anywhere in the world as part of the new version.
Calls from Live Mess 8.1 to phones within Australia and from Australia to overseas? We’ll have to wait and see.
Via Liveside and Mess.be.

Watch a Soapbox video on Messenger with one of your contacts

Via the Soapbox on MSN Video team Space, Inside Live Messenger, Liveside.

To watch a video with a friend on your Messenger contact list:

  • sign into Soapbox on MSN Video and begin watching a video
  • click on the Share tab below the video player on the righ-hand side of the screen
  • look for im this video and click it
  • you’ll be asked to choose a contact from your contact list who’s also currently online
  • the Messenger activity window will open once your contact has accepted your invitation
  • watch the video together and chat about it while it’s playing.

Chat with Santa



to your contact list on Windows Live Messenger, and from the morning of Christmas Eve, you can find out where he is on his journey around the world and ask him when he’ll be visiting your house.

Keep up to date with what Santa is doing by visiting his Space at http://santaonspaces.spaces.live.com.